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This is a developing site for teaching resources in zoology, and is part of a collaborative effort among faculty at many campuses in the University of Wisconsin System.

ZooWeb is currently divided into three categories:


 Cell and Developmental Biology


 Animal Diversity


 Anatomy and Physiology

Current Participants

  • Jeff Hardin, Dept. of Zoology, UW-Madison (click here for Jeff's home page)
  • Rick Gillis, Dept. of Biology, UW-La Crosse (click here for Rick's home page)
  • Roger Harro, Dept. of Biology, UW-La Crosse (click here for Roger's home page)
  • Peg Maher, Dept. of Biology and Microbiology, UW-La Crosse (click here for Peg's home page)
  • Larry Phelps, Dept. of Biology, UW-Baraboo (click here for Larry and Jan's main course page)
  • Bob Schmitz, Dept. of Biology, UW-Stevens Point (click here for Bob's home page)

Are you interested in being a participant in ZooWeb? Please contact one of the participants or the administrator of the ZooWeb site, Jeff Hardin (email:

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