How to Use This Tutorial

To activate the links, click of the highlighted area/object/button.

Objects, words or pictures, highlighted in color are links to other documents or pictures.

To retrieve the QuickTime Movie associated with a color highlighted picture, click on the picture

To return to a previous location or go forward/backwards, click on a suitable button (on the web page or above in the browser controls).

To make the Quicktime Movies Run, click on the bottom control strip. To watch a particular segment, click and drag the slider.

The Index are nice ways to move around.

Specific hints for viewing movies:

  1. QuickTime movie player extensions (which you need to have installeed to view QuickTime movies) can be downloaded freely from Apple.
  2. For more general information on QuickTime movies, check out the QuickTime references at the Apple Quicktime site (

Answers to some not-so-obvious questions to get started viewing movies:

Q: How do I view Amphybian Enbryology tutorial videos over the internet?

A: To look at movies on the web you need:

  1. A direct internet connection. Most colleges and universities have full-time, dedicated internet connections which faculty, staff and students may use. Alternatively, one can gain internet access through one's business or over phone lines through a local internet access provider. However, shell acounts and text-only browsers will not let you see graphics or movies. You must have a full internet connection or a PPP/DSL/Cable connection. Alternatively, you can use simulation program such as TIA if you only have a shell acount. Be aware, however that phone line connections can be slow, and our movies and images can take some time (many minutes) to download over a phone line. To really browse the movies, try to find a direct internet connection.

  2. A graphical browser program such as Netscape, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer. Browsers are programs you run on your local Mac, or PC computer that allows you to browse through the internet's graphical environment. If you're seeing this page with a text-only browser like LYNX, and would like to get a graphical viewer try these links:

  3. Movie viewers installed on your computer. Macintosh computers need Quicktime extensions installed and a Quicktime movie player, PCs need a Quicktime extension to Windows Media Player installed.