Welcome to the Amphibian Embryology Tutorial! This tutorial is part of an ongoing project designed to implement multimedia and computer-based learning materials in the university undergraduate classroom. The materials presented here are NOT designed to replace either hard work outside of class wrestling with the dynamic nature of embryonic development, nor are they meant as a substitute for "wet lab" experience using a real microscope and real embryos. Instead, this tutorial is meant to supplement the presentation of standard videotape, laser video, digitized video and animation sequences in the traditional lecture period. A common comment in student evaluations is the wish for more opportunities to interact with the visual data presented in class in a more "hands-on" manner. This tutorial is designed as a beginning step in that process.

For information about the development of this tutorial and to ask questions, click HERE. For a brief description of the control buttons and the features of QuickTime controllable movies, click HERE. Otherwise, use the buttons above (Forward/Back) to navigate through the tutorial. Have fun!