The Hardin Lab

C. elegans embryo undergoing ventral enclosure expressing a DLG-1::GFP translational fusion
protein pseudocolored cyan, imaged using multiphoton excitation microscopy [Mathias Koeppen].

Ventral epidermal cells migrate ventrally and meet at the ventral midline. Specific cells lead this migration, which is completed when cells make cadherin-dependent contacts along the ventral midline. Click on the links to see examples [requires QuickTime]...

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Ventral enclosure in a wild-type embryo visualized using Nomarski microscopy (Williams-Masson et al., 1997; PubMed). Anterior to the left. Frames were acquired at 2 min. intervals. Original movie footage courtesy of Mathias Koeppen..     Ventral enclosure in a wild-type embryo visualized using a dlg-1::gfp translational fusion (Koeppen et al., 2001; PubMed). Frames were acquired at 5 min intervals. Footage courtesy of Mathias Koeppen.

We are studying:
(1) Protrusive activity at the leading edge of migrating ventral cells; and
(2) How cells create new junctional connections at the ventral midline.