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Research articles - C. elegans
Le*, S., Yu*, M., Fu*, C., Heier, J.A., Martin, S., Hardin, J., and Yan, J. (2024). Single-molecule force spectroscopy reveals intra- and intermolecular interactions of C. elegans HMP-1 during mechanotransduction. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, in review. (*= co-first authors)

*Zhu, Y., *Tesone, Z., Tan, M., and Hardin, J.
(2024). TIAM-1 regulates polarized protrusions during dorsal intercalation in the C. elegans embryo through both its GEF and N-terminal domains. J. Cell Sci. 137(5):jcs261509. (*co-first authors) PubMed pdf

Martin, S.C.T., Qadota, H., Oberhauser, A.F., Hardin, J., and Benian, G.M. (2023). FARL-11 (STRIP1/2) is required for sarcomere and sarcoplasmic reticulum organization in C. elegans. Mol. Biol. Cell 34:ar86, 1–13, August 1, 2023. PubMed pdf

Serre, J.M.
Mark M. Slabodnick, M.S., Goldstein, B. and Hardin, J. (2023). SRGP-1/srGAP and AFD-1/Afadin stabilize HMP-1/α-Catenin at rosettes to seal internalization sites following gastrulation in C. elegans. PLoS Genet. 2023 Mar 3;19(3):e1010507. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1010507. PubMed pdf

Lynch, A.M.*, Zhu, Y.*, Lucas, B.G.,
Winkelman, J.D., Bai, K., Martin, S.C.T. , Samuel Block, S., Slabodnick, M.S., Audhya, A., Goldstein, B., Pettitt, J., Gardel, M.L., and Hardin, J.(2022). TES-1/Tes and ZYX-1/Zyxin protect junctional actin networks under tension during epidermal morphogenesis in the C. elegans embryo. Curr. Biol., (*= co-first authors). PubMed pdf

Serre, J.M., Lucas, B., Martin, S.C.M. , Heier, J.A., Xiangqiang Shao, X., and Jeff Hardin, J. (2022). C. elegans srGAP is an α-catenin M domain-binding protein that strengthens cadherin-dependent adhesion during morphogenesis. Development 149 (18): dev200775. . PubMed pdf

Serre, JM; Hardin, J
(2022). The Lamellipodin homologue MIG-10 is not essential for dorsal intercalation in the embryonic epidermis of the C. elegans embryo. microPublication Biology. PubMed pdf

Shao, X., Lucas, B.G., Strauch, J. and Hardin, J. (2019). The adhesion modulation domain of C. elegans α-catenin regulates actin binding during morphogenesis. Mol. Biol. Cell 30:2115-2123. PubMed pdf

Loveless, T.
, Qadota, H., Benian, GM., and Hardin, J. (2017). C. elegans SORB-1 localizes to integrin adhesion sites and is required for organization of sarcomeres and mitochondria in myocytes. Mol. Bio. Cell, 28:3621-3633. PubMed pdf

Shao, X. Kang, H., Loveless, T., Lee, G.R., , Seok, C., Weis, W.I., and Choi, H.-J., and Hardin, J. (2017). Cell–cell adhesion in metazoans relies on evolutionarily conserved features of the α-catenin•β-catenin–binding interface. J. Biol. Chem. 292,16477–16490. PubMed pdf

Kang, H., Bang, I., Jin, K.S., Lee, B., Lee, J., Shao, X., Heier, J.A., Kwiatkowski, A.V., Nelson, W.J., Hardin, J., Weis, W., and Choi, H.-J. (2017). Structural and functional characterization of Caenorhabditis elegans α-catenin reveals constitutive binding to β-catenin and actin. J. Biol. Chem. 29, 7077-7086. PubMed pdf

Walck-Shannon, E.,
Lucas, B., Chin-Sang, I., Reiner, D., Kumfer, K., Cochran, H., Bothfeld, W., and Hardin, J. (2016). CDC-42 orients cell migration during epithelial intercalation in the Caenorhabditis elegans epidermis. PLOS Genetics 12(11): e1006415. PubMed pdf

Walck-Shannon, E., Reiner, D., and Hardin, J. (2015). Polarized Rac-dependent protrusions drive epithelial intercalation in the embryonic epidermis of C. elegans. Development 142:3549-3560. PubMed pdf

Choi, H.-J.*+, Loveless, T.*, Lynch, A.M., Bang, I., Hardin, J+, and Weis, W.I.+ (2015). A conserved phosphorylation switch controls the interaction between cadherin and β-catenin In vitro and In vivo. Developmental Cell 33, 82–93. [*Co-first authors; +Corresponding authors] PubMed pdf

Callaci, S., Morrison, K., Shao, X., Schuh, A.L. Wang, Y., Yates III, J.R., Hardin, J., and Audhya, A. (2015). Phosphoregulation of the C. elegans cadherin-catenin complex. Biochemistry 472:339-52. PubMed pdf

Maiden, S.L.,
Harrison, N., Keegan, J., Cain, B., Lynch, A.M., Pettitt, J., and Hardin, J. (2013). Specific conserved C-terminal amino acids of Caenorhabditis elegans HMP-1/α-catenin modulate F-actin binding independently of vinculin. J. Biol. Chem. 288:5694-706. PubMed pdf

Lynch, A.M., Grana, T., Cox-Paulson, E., Couthier, A., Cameron, M., Chin-Sang, I., Pettitt, J., and Hardin, J. (2012). A genome-wide functional screen identifies MAGI-1 as an L1CAM-dependent stabilizer of apical junctions in C. elegans. Curr. Biol. 22, 1891–1899. PubMed pdf

Cox-Paulson, E., Walck-Shannon, E., Lynch, A.
, Yamashiro, S., Zaidel-Bar, R., Celeste C. Eno, C., Ono, S., and Hardin, J. (2012). Tropomodulin protects α-catenin-dependent junctional actin networks under stress during epithelial morphogenesis. Curr. Biol. 22:1500-1505. PubMed pdf

Ikegami, R., Simokat, K., Zheng, H., Dixon, L., Garriga, G., Hardin, J. and Culotti, J. (2012). Semaphorin and Eph receptor signaling guide a series of cell movements for ventral enclosure in C. elegans. Curr. Biol. 22:1–11. PubMed pdf

Neukomm, L.J., Frei, A.P., Cabello, J., Kinchen, J.M., Zaidel-Bar, R., Ma, Z., Haney, L.B., Hardin, J., Ravichandran, K.S., Moreno, S., and Hengartner, M.O. (2011). Loss of the RhoGAP SRGP1 promotes the clearance of dead and injured cells in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature Cell Biol. 13:79-86. PubMed pdff1000evaluation

Zaidel-Bar, R., Joyce, M.J., Lynch, A.M
., Witte, K., Audhya, A., and Hardin, J. (2010). The F-BAR domain of SRGP-1 facilitates cell-cell adhesion during C. elegans morphogenesis. J. Cell Biol. 191, 761-9. PubMed JCB In This Issue pdf f1000evaluation

Kwiatkowski, A.V., Maiden, S.L., Pokutta, S., Choi, H.-J., Benjamin, J.M., Lynch, A.M., Nelson, W.J., Weis, W.I., and Hardin, J. (2010). In vitro and in vivo reconstitution of the cadherin-catenin-actin complex from Caenorhabditis elegans. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107:14591-14596. PubMed pdf f1000evaluation

Grana, T.M., Cox, E.A., Lynch, A.M., and Hardin, J.
(2010). SAX-7/L1CAM and HMR-1/cadherin function redundantly in blastomere compaction and non-muscle myosin accumulation. Dev. Biol. 344:731–744. PubMed pdf f1000evaluation

Giuliani, C., Troglio, F., T., Zucconi, A., Bai, Z., Patel, F.B., Zucconi, A., Malabarba, M.G., Disanza, A., Stradal, T., Cassata, G., Confalonieri, S., Hardin, J., Soto, M., Grant, B., and Scita, G. (2009). Requirements for F-BAR proteins TOCA-1 and TOCA-2 in actin dynamics and membrane trafficking during C. elegans oocyte growth and embryonic epidermal morphogenesis. PLoS Genetics 5(10): e1000675. PubMed pdf

King, R.S., Maiden, S.L., Hawkins, N.C., Kidd, A.R., Kimble, J., Hardin, J., and Walston, T.D.(2009). POP-1 asymmetry and morphogenesis defects in dsh-2 mutant embryos can be rescued by either the DIX or DEP domain of DSH-2. Dev. Biol. 328: 234-44. PubMed pdf

Hingwing, K., Lee, S., Nykilchuk, L., Walston, T., Hardin, J., and Hawkins, N. (2009). CWN-1 functions with DSH-2 to regulate C. elegans asymmetric neuroblast division in a β-catenin independent Wnt pathway. Dev Biol. 328: 245–56. PubMed pdf

Yamashiro, S., Cox, E.A., Ballie, D.L., Hardin, J. and Ono, S. (2008). Sarcomeric actin organization is synergistically promoted by tropomodulin, ADF/cofilin, AIP1, and profilin in C. elegans. J. Cell Sci. 121:3867-77. PubMed pdf

Ding, M., King, R.S., Berry, E.C., Wang, Y., Hardin, J., and Chisholm, A.D. (2008). The cell signaling adaptor protein EPS-8 is essential for C. elegans epidermal elongation and interacts with the ankyrin repeat protein VAB-19. PLoS ONE 3:e3346. PubMed pdf

Lockwood, C., Zaidel-Bar, R., and Hardin, J. (2008). The C. elegans Zonula Occludens ortholog ZOO-1 cooperates with the cadherin-catenin complex to recruit actin during epidermal morphogenesis. Curr. Biol. 18:1333-7. PubMed pdf f1000evaluation

Lockwood, C., Lynch, A., and Hardin, J. (2008). Dynamic analysis identifies novel roles for DLG-1 subdomains in AJM-1 recruitment and LET-413 dependent apical focusing. J. Cell Sci. 121: 1477-1487. PubMed pdf

Hardin, J., King, R., Thomas-Virnig, C., and Raich, W.B. (2008). Zygotic loss of ZEN-4/MKLP1 results in disruption of epidermal morphogenesis in the C. elegans embryo. Dev. Dyn. 237:830-6. PubMed pdf

Stevenson, T.O., Mercer, K., Cox, E.A., Szewczyk, N.J., Conley, C.A., Hardin, J.D., and Benian, G.M. (2007). unc-94 encodes a tropomodulin in C. elegans. J. Mol. Biol. 374, 936-50. PubMed pdf

Sheffield, M.S., Loveless, T., Hardin, J., and Pettitt, J. (2007). C. elegans Enabled exhibits novel interactions with N-WASP, Abl, and cell-cell junctions. Curr. Biol. 17, 1791-1796. PubMed pdf

Batchelder EL, Thomas-Virnig CL, Hardin JD, White JG. (2007). Cytokinesis is not controlled by calmodulin or myosin light chain kinase in the Caenorhabditis elegans early embryo. FEBS Letters 581:4337-41. PubMed pdf

Qadota H, Inoue M, Hikita T, Köppen M, Hardin JD, Amano M, Moerman DG, Kaibuchi K. (2007). Establishment of a tissue-specific RNAi system in C. elegans. Gene 400:166-73. PubMed pdf

Phillips, B. T., Kidd, A. R., 3rd, King, R., Hardin, J. and Kimble, J. (2007). Reciprocal asymmetry of SYS-1/beta-catenin and POP-1/TCF controls asymmetric divisions in Caenorhabditis elegans. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104: 3231-6. PubMed pdf f1000evaluation

Lee, J.-Y., Marston, D.J., Halberstadt, A., Walston, T., Hardin, J. and B. Goldstein, B.  (2006). Wnt/Frizzled signaling regulates C. elegans gastrulation through activation of actomyosin contractility. Curr. Biol. 16:1986-97. PubMed pdf f1000evaluation

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Reviews - C. elegans and adhesion
Lucas, B. and Hardin, J. (2017). Mind the (sr)GAP – roles of Slit/Robo GAPs in neurons, brains, and beyond. J. Cell Sci. 130: 3965-3974. PubMed pdf

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Research articles and reviews - Microscopy
Hardin, J., Serre, J., King, R., Walck-Shannon, E., and Reiner, D. (2022). Imaging epidermal cell rearrangement in the C. elegans embryo. Methods Mol Biol 2438:345-376. PubMed pdf

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Research articles - Sea urchins
Hardin, J. and Weliky, M. (2019). Cell rearrangement induced by filopodial tension accounts for the late phase of convergent extension in the sea urchin archenteron. Mol. Biol. Cell 30:1911-1919. PubMed pdf

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Reviews - Sea urchins
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Jeff's earlier publications
Hardin, J. (1990). Context-sensitive cell behaviors during gastrulation. Sem. Dev. Biol. 1, 335-345. pdf

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Teaching Publications & Books
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